I consider it all garbage, trash, worthlessness… compared to the greatness of knowing HIM

You’re blessed when you stay on course, walking steadily on the road revealed by God.
You’re blessed when you follow His directions,
doing your best to find Him.
That’s right—you don’t go off on your own;
you walk straight along the road He set.
You, God, prescribed the right way to live;
now You expect us to live it.
Oh, that my steps might be steady,
keeping to the course You set;
Then I’d never have any regrets
in comparing my life with Your counsel.
I thank You for speaking straight from Your heart;
I learn the pattern of Your righteous ways.
I’m going to do what You tell me to do;
don’t ever walk off and leave me.   Psalm 119:1-8 MESSAGE

Later, can I tell you how much this passage means to me?  Can I tell you how what I expected to be one of the worst days of my life became one of the best days of my life?



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3 responses to “I consider it all garbage, trash, worthlessness… compared to the greatness of knowing HIM

  1. inrelentlesspursuitoftruth

    Well you better had, otherwise I’m on the next plane to Colorado.
    True story!
    I loooove you, and am pretty much on the edge of my seat from now until you email me this story.

  2. handsfrozentothesword

    InRelentlessPursuitofTruth: (oh, how I love that name!) I will email you the details of what happened… and quickly too! Oh, God is good….

  3. inrelentlesspursuitoftruth

    I do too. It’s a little long to type haha but I’ll put up with that 🙂 oooh yay! can’t wait to hear what happened. type fast my friend, hehe!

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