I’m praying for you, Barack Obama


God, give this man wisdom straight from You.  We come against the assignments of satan, the agendas of hell and we declare TRUTH over his mind, his heart, his will, his emotions.  God break what needs to be broken.  Shake what needs to be shaken.  Remove any veils of deception and the influence of lies.  Bring him out of alternate realities.  Bring him into YOUR reality — lead him into all truth.  Circumcise his heart.  Purify his intentions.  May he come to know Jesus Christ as his LORD and Savior, and may he bow to no one else — no man, no woman, no world leader, no politician, no evil or demonic influence.  May he rule justly and pass righteous laws.  Safeguard him from the company of corrupt and evil people.  Use him to lead this nation back to YOU, LORD.  Keep him safe.  Protect him.  Give your angels charge over him and his family.


LORD Jesus, we trust in You and You alone.  You are our refuge, our strong tower.  You are our hope and we lift our eyes to You alone.  Be glorified and exalted again in this nation.

We love You, LORD.  All that we have is Yours.  Truly.

In JESUS’ name…. AMEN.



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7 responses to “I’m praying for you, Barack Obama

  1. awakeningtolove

    …and AMEN!!!

  2. handsfrozentothesword

    Thank you, my friends. I’m glad we’re in agreement on this.

  3. May he come to know Jesus Christ as his LORD and Savior
    I’m curious: do you think that he doesn’t already?

  4. handsfrozentothesword

    Byron: That is a good question. And I honestly wish I could say that I KNEW Barack Obama knew Jesus Christ as His LORD and Savior. But if Christians are known for their fruit, then he fails the test. How can someone call himself a Christian and yet support the things that God hates — abortion (particularly partial birth abortion), gay marriage, and other immoral and anti-Biblical beliefs? Sitting in the pew of any church for 20 years doesn’t make someone a Christian — especially a Church who adamantly speaks out with hate against others.

  5. We agree… which is why my husband created this web site: http://www.prayingforbarack.com/

    Thank you for spreading the word about our command to pray for our leaders (especially if we disagree with them).

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