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Something Wonderful is about to Happen

The other day, as I was driving, I came up behind a car with a bumper sticker that read: Something wonderful is about to happen. I smiled. I had just lived through another one of my Really Bad Wrong-Turn episodes. I was driving home from the mall, which I stopped at after work. This mall is quite a stretch from where I live, but I’ve been there a million times. And every time, I always take the same highway home. But somehow, I ended up exiting on the wrong street and taking some wrong turns, and pretty soon, there were signs introducing me to a whole different highway. A highway I don’t like. A big, big highway. A highway that’s 5 lanes wide. But I wasn’t scared. If I was, I would have pulled a U-turn and gotten myself out of that mess. Instead, I whispered to myself, “Oh goodie, this way may get me home even faster!” In the last few years, I must have spent 10% of my life sitting in traffic. Thus everything is about find a faster route, a better way to avoid traffic. It was false hope though. I just didn’t know it yet. I planned to get on the big, big highway and then exited onto the highway that I always use to get home. But, turns out I had gotten on too late to merge onto the highway. Instead, my only option was to go south…. and I did go south. Until finally, I knew my only hope was to exit at the next city and pull a U-turn. So I did. And then I had to figure out how to get back on the same highway but going in the opposite direction. So I pulled into a gas station and drove around it three times until I figured out what to do. After three times, I still hadn’t figured out what to do, but I saw a couple of people pointing and laughing at me, so I got right out of there. Then I got to a stop light. Maybe I should call my Dad. I always call my dad in situations such as these. And he always knows exactly where I’m at and guides me back on the road that leads to home. I pulled out my cell phone. The light turned green. I got ready to turn. Then a guy, from the middle of nowhere, comes driving right at me. Silly guy. He was in the wrong lane to go straight. I slammed on my breaks. My cell phone flew off my lap and onto the floor. Guess I won’t be calling dad. When I did finally get back onto the right highway, the highway that I love and know, the highway that leads me straight home, I found myself in a log jam. A million cars, bumper to bumper, moving at a snail’s pace.

Yes, it was before this incident that I saw my favorite bumper stick of all time: Something Wonderful is About to Happen. And though nothing wonderful did happen (apart from finally getting home), I am no cynic. I fully agree with that bumper sticker. I fully agree with God. I fully believe the promises He’s given me. There are some that I’ve been holding onto for years. There are some promises He’s given me that I see no sign of at the moment. All I see is the complete opposite happening. But I believe Him. There are days when I may feel like Joseph, chained up in prison, hoping he’d be remembered, hoping his release would come. But Joseph’s release came. He never gave up. And I won’t give up either. I know my time is coming. I know the release of His promises is coming. I don’t care what it looks like in the natural. The righteous walk by faith — not by sight.

Something wonderful is about to happen. I can feel it.


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