My God’s Bigger than a Politician

I love stories like the one of Jonathan and his armor bearer taking on the entire Philistine army.

Or David, a mere shepherd boy, taking on a giant that is feared even by the King and his troops. Youngest in his family. Chosen as King of all of Israel.

Or Gideon, the least of the least — the youngest in his family and part of the weakest tribe in Manasseh. But God calls him “mighty warrior” and chooses him to defeat the Midianites, their enemy.

Or Esther, an orphan and a Jew that becomes Queen and defeat’s Haman’s decree to kill all of the Jews in Israel.

Or Abraham and Sarah — father of nations? They couldn’t even have children. The Bible says their bodies were “as good as dead”. But God said their descendents would be as numerous as the stars in the sky — and they were.

Or Joseph, sold into slavery by his own brothers. He finally gains favor, then is accused of something he didn’t do and is thrown in prison. Waits and waits for God to move. God doesn’t forget him and makes him the right hand man to Pharoah.

Or Moses, a baby that was supposed to be put to death – instead ends up being raised by the ruler’s daughter. Is plucked out of the King’s house to lead God’s people to the Promised Land. Studders, doesn’t like to speak in front of large groups.

Or Jesus, our LORD and Saviour — a carpenter, a Jew, born in a stable, rides in on a donkey, saves the world and completely defeats satan be being beaten, broken, and mutilated, dying a “criminal’s death” on a cross.

The Bible, in my humble opinion, is a book of underdogs. Of unlikely candidates. Of weak and foolish things and people. And I love it because, since God is with them, every one of them wins, every time.

I love how God works. It gives me hope — that He can use me. And if you look around you, I bet you’ll see God doing the very same thing today. I know I do. I look at this election — and I see God working.

I see a very likely candidate – by numbers, by polls, by popularity, by money. And I see an underdog. An underdog that represents life and morals and values and righteous decrees. Yes, I see a man that’s weak and that’s failed and that certainly cannot repair our wounded country. But that same man stands up for what’s right. Abortion is not right. Taking an innocent life because it’s nothing more than an “incovenience” and a “mistake” is repulsive to God. 50 millions lives. Their innocent blood cries out to God, just as Abel’s blood did when Cain murdered him. I challenge you to find anything in the nature of God or His Word that encourages us or even allows us to put our wallets before the lives of those who cannot to defend themselves.

Life and family and morals may be behind in the polls, but my heart knows no fear. For nothing restrains the LORD from saving by many or by few. (1 Samuel 14:6)

Esther has been summoned to the Palace….. for SUCH A TIME AS THIS.


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7 responses to “My God’s Bigger than a Politician

  1. handsfrozentothesword

    “Unbelievable yet true”… I like that. I was just sitting here, thinking and pondering… God’s Word and the election and mainly God’s Word… and I was thinking…. some of the most unbelievable things are the truest things. Like the stories I mentioned above about people from the Word…. they’re unbelievable! But is anything more true than His word?

    I’m getting ready for another unbelievably true event to happen this Tuesday, November 4th. How bout you?

  2. awakeningtolove

    Dang. Wow. Holy wow.
    *runs out of fitting expressions for this post*
    This was SO revitalizing to read. It was as if the lies and the world were just filtered away, as I read this post written through the lense of His eyes 🙂 I think my favourite line was” And I love it because, since God is with them, every one of them wins, every time.”. But it was all soooo good!

  3. handsfrozentothesword

    You are SO encouraging, Sis! I felt really bad for posting so much about the economy and politics as you are my main (and sometimes only) reader and you don’t live here. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for you reading these things. I promise I’ll start posting about different issues soon :o)

  4. awakeningtolove

    Oh don’t ever be sorry. I’m just so impressed with the incredible quality of your writing. I’m blessed to read anything you write!

  5. handsfrozentothesword

    You are SO kind.

  6. awakeningtolove

    Just honest 🙂

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